About Us

At SASA Homes Ltd, we have been caring for adults with autistic spectrum disorders, learning disabilities, challenging behaviour and other illnesses for some time. With years of experience in this field, so much has been changed. But our commitment to deliver quality services has been constant. We’ve seen an ageing population where people are living longer and arriving at care homes with more complex care needs. They’re also quite expecting an ever-higher standards of care and service as well as excellent services like good facilities, food, entertainment, and housekeeping.

Our Ethics

We’re proud to have earned an enviable reputation for providing exceptional standards of attentive care and personal service. Our longevity has allowed us to foster a community that ensures that everyone is properly looked after. One of the fundamentals of providing good care is to enable and support residents to live their lives as independently as they can. And we know that privacy and choices are important.

Our Team

We have a team of highly trained, dedicated and compassionate staff who pride themselves in caring our residents as they themselves would wish to be cared for.

Got someone to be taken cared?

If you want to plan your care or have someone who needs the care, we can provide the individual care and attention according to the unique wishes and requirements of each. Working closely with you and your immediate family, we take time to listen and create a bespoke package of care and activity that is tailored to your personal circumstances, wishes and lifestyle preferences. At SASA Homes Ltd we offer a personalised approach to the development of each service user’s care package. This is built around the needs and choices of each person under our care.

For more information about the care services available, please visit our private care home pages here: SASA Homes at 1 Stern close barking.


  • We help in gaining relevant living skills
  • Developing skills in cooking, shopping and other chores
  • Supervision and monitoring of medication
  • Supporting and arranging health appointments.
  • Supervision and monitoring of physical health and wellbeing
  • Help in managing finances and benefits
  • Help in establishing social contacts and gaining access to community services
  • Help in returning to Education, Training and Employment.

Contact Us Today

If you would like to talk personally with one of our friendly staff member and see what SASA Homes can offer you, please contact us today!

Our Location

Local Amenities

Situated close to all the local amenities, SASA Homes Ltd is minutes away from the Local shops, pubs, restaurants, library, and places of worship, health clinics and adult education providers. The local parks are located only three to five minutes walking distance from our homes.